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ADR offers a wide variety of Meals, Treats, Raw Meaty Bones, Supplements, and Ointments.

Food Boxes are available in 12 x 100g portions (Plus blends only) and 32 x 8oz portions.

All patties are individually wrapped. Prices may vary at locations.

Feed more than 1.5lbs per day? Check out our new Kennel Cuts!


Basics are a blend of 90% meat and 10% bone.


Basics are great for those transitioning to raw for the first time!

Basic Proteins:

  • Beef $4.37/lb

  • Beef (Boneless) $4.00/lb

  • Chicken $2.81/lb

  • Turkey $4.08/lb

Poultry Breast


Dinners are a blend of 80% meat, 10% organ and 10% bone. We offer single protein dinners as well as multiple protein blends.

Dinners are the foundation of the raw diet and although they can be fed as a meal, we do recommend supplementing to cover nutritional gaps.

Dinner Proteins:

  • Beaver $6.25/lb

  • Beef $5.50/lb

  • Chicken $3.53/lb

  • Duck $4.81/lb

  • Lamb $5.50/lb


  • Pork $4.75/lb

  • Rabbit $10.50/lb

  • Salmon $5.88/lb

  • Turkey $4.75/lb

  • Venison $10.00/lb

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Dinner Blends:

  • Chicken & Salmon $4.19/lb

  • Duck & Salmon $4.75/lb

  • Farm & Stream (Beef, Lamb, Salmon) $4.31/lb

  • Lamb & Duck $5.00/lb

  • Lamb & Turkey $5.00/lb

  • Surf & Turf (Beef, Turkey, Salmon) $3.81/lb

  • Triple Mix Beef (Beef, Chicken, Turkey) $3.44/lb

  • Triple Mix Lamb (Lamb, Chicken, Turkey) $3.69/lb

  • Ultimate Mix (Beaver, Beef, Turkey) $4.37/lb

  • Woods & Water (Beaver, Bison, Elk, Salmon) $7.00/lb

Dinners Plus

All Dinner Plus recipes are balanced to 70% meat, 10% bone, 10% organ, and 10% vegetables, fruits, and supplements, including a proprietary K9 species-specific probiotics to support gut health. In non-avian protein formulas, we have added the raw bone powder to provide the correct levels and ratios of calcium and phosphorus.

Ingredients: Muscle meat, bone, organ, kale, cauliflower, yams, carrots, cucumbers, apples, celery, romaine, coldwater fish oil (herring, sardine), Atlantic Sea kelp, K9-5 Probiotic Blend.

Simply thaw and serve!

Plus Proteins:

  • Beef $6.62/lb

  • Bison $9.75/lb

  • Chicken $4.87/lb

  • Lamb $7.50/lb

  • Turkey $5.19/lb

ADR Plus Nutritional Analysis

Plus Proteins 12 x 100g Box:

  • Beef $19.99

  • Chicken $17.99

  • Lamb $20.00

  • Turkey $17.99

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Treats, Raw Meaty Bones, Sides & Supplements

We offer a wide variety of treats, raw meaty bones, sides and supplements at Alpha Dog Raw!


  • Beaver Tail

  • Beef Liver

  • Beef Lung

  • Bison Bones

  • Bully Sticks (pizzles)

  • Chicken Feet

  • Duck Feet

  • Lamb Ears

  • Lamb Lung

  • Rabbit Ears

  • Salmon Skins

  • Trachea (esophagus)

  • Tripe Sticks

rabbit ears.JPG

Raw Meaty Bones:

  • Beef Knee Cap

  • Beef Knuckle Bones

  • Beef Neck Bones (sml, med, lrg)

  • Chicken Necks

  • Chicken Feet 

  • Lamb Flanks/Ribs

  • Lamb Marrow Bones

  • Turkey Necks

  • Quail - whole, quartered

Sides & Supplements:

  • Fresh frozen (ground) Green Vegetables & Fruits

  • Fresh frozen (ground) Orange Vegetables & Fruits

  • Ground Kelp

  • Herbal Ear Rescue with Hemp

  • Herbal Ear Cleaner

  • Aloe Hot Spot Soother

  • Omega 3 Cold Water Fish Oil

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