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Our Story

Joseph & Kristin Jenkins

Welcome to ADR Pet Stores – Markham! 

We have a very busy household with our three children, Madisynn, Jaxon & Austin. Along with our two dogs, Remi and Cali, and our Russian blue cat, Ruby.

Our experience with raw food began in 2019, we saw firsthand the benefits of raw through the research and determination of Ryan and Jen. We are very fortunate to have sat at many family dinners listening to their passion and witnessing the success of ADR. With their knowledge, and the community they have behind them we knew this would be incredible, and something that we would be excited to be a part of.

We began feeding Remi a raw food diet as a puppy. She has a beautiful coat, lots of energy, and tons of sass! We adopted Cali in 2022. Cali lacked energy, and stamina, and had dry patches on her skin. Right away we transitioned Cali to a raw food diet and noticed her energy level increase, her skin improve immensely and she will now even go for evening jogs!!  Ruby, the boss of the house, is also on a raw diet. She sits and waits for her meals just like the dogs do (minus the drool!).  

The business is very near and dear to us, and we are thrilled and excited to join the ADR team. We do our best to provide our children with a healthy, unprocessed diet, we wanted to ensure that our pets are also feed the best food possible.

We are proud to offer a Canadian sourced, hormone and antibiotic-free species-appropriate diet for your pet furry family members.


Our meals and all natural treats come from federally-inspected plants and contain only the cleanest and freshest ingredients. Our food will never contain any animal by-products or MSM (mechanically separated meat). We follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) process from the first step of production to the finished product.

We couldn't be more excited to share our knowledge and passion for a raw food diet! We hope your fur-babies enjoy Alpha Dog Raw as much as ours do!


Location & Hours

9980 Kennedy Road Unit 2
Markham, ON L6C 0M4

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In-store pickup


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